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Buffer, Booster, Overdrive

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Buffer, Booster, Overdrive

 Made in Germany


Does the guitar world need another overdrive pedal ?

Certainly not if it is just the umpteenth copy of an existing pedal, "modified / improved / worsened" by slightly different values of the original resistors and capacitors ("...I just found the circuit diagram on the internet and now I'm going to try this and that, and wow, I'll make a new pedal out of it..."). The market is full of these things. And somehow there is also a willing YouTube influencer (...sounds realllly great...). Or an existing pedal is copied 1 to 1 and manufactured in a low-wage country with costs that cannot be beaten and then sold here for little money...(well at least something...).

But maybe if a differnt approach is choosen ?

("tobe" in Japanese for "jump, fly !") is powered by a circuitry that could be the preamp of a full guitar amp.
But only the part of the preamp that would be in front of the tone control. While it can amplify and create overtones, it doesn't change much the frequency response of the guitar signal.
This type of overdrive is commonly referred to as "transparent".
So if
tobe is connected as an "effect" in front of an amplifier, the tone control of this amplifier still retains actual control over the frequency response.
The "Gain" setting of
tobe determines the intensity of the generated overtones, i.e. the degree of distortion, "Volume" controls the output volume.
Since the frequency response of the guitar signal remains essentially unchanged,
tobe can be used as a "buffer" (no distortion, gain equals 1), as a "booster" (no/little distortion, gain greater than 1) or as a "distortion" (little/more distortion, gain unequal to 1).
And that too as "always on".
The positive effect of a buffer between the guitar and the subsequent cabling, whether with or without amplification, is always there.

The "Boost" switch activates a further 6dB of gain (doubling) and also enables higher levels of distortion for single coil guitars.

A power pack with an output voltage of 9V can be used as the power supply, the polarity of the plug is irrelevant.

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Technical Data
  • Power Supply:
    External power supply, 9V
    Current consumption: app. 50mA
  • Dimensions:
    Case: 110 x 60  x 30 mm (L x W x H)
    Weight: app. 250g
  • Parts in package:
    Quickstart guide

    - robust metal case
    - high quality parts

    - developed and
    manufactured in Germany
    - frequency response "transparent"
    - harmonic distortion
    - boost for addional 6dB (double)
    - true bypass (relay)
    - Buffer / Booster / Overdrive
    - "always on" quality
    - no copy, "unique" design


    Videos / Sound-Files

    Videos and sound files about
    tobe are here


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