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AG1.0    The PURR (PickUp Resonance Rescue)
Pickup resonator with cable driver und boost function

Manual  (PDF)

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Resonance frequency of the guitar pickup gets independent of the attached guitar cable

Boost function

Cable driver

 Made in Germany


Should the length or the quality of the used guitar cable have an important influence on the sound of a guitar ?
Certainly not !
But unfortunately
it's a fact, since the capacitance of the connected cable and the inductance of the magnetic pickup form a tuned circuit and its
resonance frequency happens to be mainly dependent on the value of the cable capacitance.
In addition, the capacitance of the cable forms a lowpass filter in conjunction with a dimmed volume pot and thus affects the function of this control.
More information on this subject can be found here.
AG1.0 ("The PURR") tries to offer an alternative.
It's an external solution, without any need to modify the guitar itself, with an internal 9V battery as its power supply.
to the lower end of the guitar strap, its input will be connected to the jack socket of the guitar via a preferably very short cable, a patch cable for example
Its output will be connected to the amplifier or the effect chain
via the usual guitar cable.
What length or electrical quality (capacit
ance) this cable now has is relatively unimportant, it has no influence on the sound any more.
By means of  a 10-stage rotary switch various capacitance values can be placed in parallel to the guitar output / the pickup.
Thus cables of different lengths or
qualities can be simulated. The resonance frequency of the pickup can be adjusted to one's own taste.
By way of
a further 10-stage rotary switch an additional gain can be activated (up to 4x / + 12dB). For example, to overdrive an amplifier, although 
the original amplitude of the guitar would not be sufficient
to do so
AG1.0 only gets activated when a cable is plugged into the output socket and consumes current only then.
Additionally / alternatively, the unit can
be turned off by a toggle switch on the back.
If the
AG1.0 has been turned off by the toggle switch, there is a "true bypass" connection between input and output (bistable relay).
The condition of the battery is continuously monitored and displayed by means of a multicolor LED (flashing, app
. every 2 seconds).
The battery run time is approximately 500 hours (Alkaline).

Frequently asked questions about  AG1.0 / The PURR

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Technical data
  • "Guitar"   Instrument input:
    Input impedance: 1MOhm / 15pF (ESD protected)
    Max. input voltage: app. 5Vss / 1.8Vrms
    Switchable input capacitances ("Resonance"): 0 ("0") to app. 800pF ("9"), corresponding to app. 6m cable of medium quality
  • "Amp / Power"   Output:
    Output impedance: 100 Ohm (ESD and short circuit protected) 
    Gain adjustment ("Gain"): 1x / 0dB ("0") to app. 4x / +12dB ("9")
    Max. output voltage: app. 9Vss / 3Vrms
  • Power supply:
    Voltage supply:  internal 9V battery
    Current consumption: app. 0.5mA
    Battery run time: app. 500h (Alkaline)
  • Dimensions:
    Case: 100 x 60  x 30 mm (L x W x H)
    Weight: app. 250g
  • Parts in package:
    Patch cable
  • AG1.0 

    - robust metal case
    - current consumption only when cable is plugged in

    - battery replacement via back cover 
    - addional power toggle switch
    - true bypass function when switched off
    - battery condition indicated by multicolored LED

    - to be attached to the guitar strap


    Videos / Sound files

    You can find videos und sound files with the
    AG1.0 here


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